A High-Quality Holiday

Our commitment to guarantee you the highest quality


For over 30 years,  at Bluserena we have dedicated ourselves to providing quality holidays, always prioritising our guests and their needs.

Hotels and Resorts

Every hotel and resort in our group regularly undergoes maintenance and improvements. We have always focused our attention on your experience, so we work constantly, with passion and commitment, to ensure that your stay exceeds your expectations. We take care of every detail – big or small – to make you feel welcomed and comfortable.


At Bluserena, we care deeply about our impact on the planet and firmly believe that the quality of our service coexists harmoniously with environmental preservation. Consequently, the cornerstones of our corporate governance planning, which aims to be sustainable and responsible, are rooted in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG). We are committed to actions designed to contribute to environmental challenges, such as waste management and limiting pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. We support human capital management, inclusiveness, diversity, equal opportunity, working conditions, and safety. And we are committed to strong corporate governance in the administration and regulation of the company.


Your happiness and well-being guide all our decisions. We tailor services, equipment, and amenities to your needs, striving to make your stay unforgettable. Your satisfaction, which we diligently evaluate weekly, is a testament to our commitment, and we take pride when our weekly guest satisfaction rate reaches 95 per cent.

Your safety is our top priority. We adopt the highest safety standards and continuously strive to implement prevention protocols in line with evolving regulations. We want you to feel safe and secure so you can focus on enjoying your stay.

Our controllers 

Our cuisine is a journey of rich, varied flavours and exceptional quality. We place the utmost attention on hygiene, food traceability, and respect for your dietary needs, ensuring that every dish that arrives at your table is not only delicious but also safe.

We clean our beaches daily for swimming, and our dedicated staff is always attentive and helpful because we want your every moment at our resorts and hotels to be unforgettable.


We want every guest to feel welcome and completely comfortable in our hotels and resorts. As part of this we have eliminated all architectural barriers to make every corner of our paradise accessible to everyone.

Our dedicated rooms and reserved parking spaces at the amphitheatre and on the beach near the boardwalk are designed to meet your specific needs. And for those who enjoy the sea, we have JOB chairs available for swimming to ensure worry-free relaxation.

Although we don’t provide individual escorts, we assure you that our staff will be on hand to make your stay as smooth and pleasant as possible.


The professionalism of our staff is crucial in enforcing our high service standards, which is why we have always invested in employee training.  


Every year, at least 20 employees trained exclusively in quality supervision carry out more than 7,500 inspections and 3,000 instrumental surveys.


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