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Our resorts and hotels are designed to give every child and teenager an unforgettable holiday where we dote on them and warmly embrace the little ones.

At the Alborèa Ecolodge Resort and Kalidria Hotel & Thalasso SPA, we have a variety of services for our younger guests, such as Baby Daycare and the fantastic Mini, Teen, and Young Clubs, are available at the neighbouring Valentino Resort and Calanè Resort.

At Bluserena, everyone can experience a world of fun and serenity at their fingertips.

Baby Daycare

Our air-conditioned Nursery is custom-designed for our 12- to 36-month-old guests and is complete with a program full of games and activities so parents can relax while our attentive staff looks after the little ones.

Serenino Club

At the Mini Club, our 3- to 5-year-old guests can enjoy plenty of beach time, games, sports, and creative workshops supervised by our staff.

Is Serenas Badesi Resort’s Magic School teaches kids magic tricks and sleight of hand, and every resort’s program is full of events, shows, and surprises.

Every day ends on a magical note with the evening Serenino Dance Show starring Serenella, our ladybug mascot, and the Serenella Wonderland friends.

SereninoPiù Club

At SereninoPiù Club, our 6- to 10-year-olds can take their pick from the Serenino lineup of activities. They can sign up for the swimming, dance, and rhythmic gymnastics schools and Football Academy or brave the Adventure Park’s treetop trails at Serenè Resort and Torreserena Resort.

The SereninoPiù and SerenUp clubs cater to children up to the age of 10.


At SerenUp, 11- to 14-year-olds make new friends while participating in adventures, sports, music, and challenges.

Their world of fun includes Archery Combat with bows and arrows, the Lightsabre Academy with Star Wars lightsabres, a magical Night Under the Stars, and the SportUp beach activities.

There’s also Bluserena Football Academy, Rhythmic Gymnastics classes, and Aerial Dance. Our Lupetti di Mare (Sea Cubs) is perfect for sea lovers who can enjoy a full day of sailing and windsurfing lessons with our SeaSport instructors.

In addition, the treetop trails at the Adventure Parks at Serenè Resort and Torreserena Resort never fail to turn up the thrill factor.


SerenHappy, our Teenage Club for 14-17-year-olds, has an adventure-filled program brimming with fun and excitement.

Our staff organises Night Under the Stars in tents, the chance to be an “Entertainer for a Day” and sport Bluserena uniform, and the Lightsabre Academy with Star Wars lightsabres.

Beach sports include sailing, windsurfing, canoe trips, sailing and paddle surfing lessons alongside sports tournaments.

Baby Kitchen

With tables, chairs, and highchairs, our Baby Kitchen supports parents of children up to 3 years old during main meals. In addition to the staples, you’ll find equipment for warming milk and baby-food, sterilisation, blending, and homogenisation. We also keep packaged products on hand for when the kitchen closes.

Please note that the area is accessible from 6:00 a.m. to midnight. During closed hours, our reception staff will happily heat milk for you in the microwave.

Our special attention makes a family holiday at Bluserena even more pleasant.


Bluserena hotels and resorts were the first in Italy to earn the prestigious “CHILD-FRIENDLY HOLIDAY” quality label, a recognition certified by the National Federation of Paediatricians Cipe – Sispe – Sinspe. We plan everything, from the services to the equipment, with children, teens, and their parents front of mind, and we uphold our commitment to them daily.


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