Bluserena - ESG stock prospectus

Bluserena's commitment to sustainability


Bluserena Hotels & Resorts is committed to sustainability and establishing itself as an increasingly progressive, environmentally, socially, and economically responsible company. Our strategic choices and investments are based on their environmental and climate impact, commitment to our communities, safety, workplace inclusiveness, and corporate governance.

Bluserena’s ESG Project

Our corporate governance principles aim to be sustainable and responsible, employing the three factors of Environmental, Social, and Governance.


Bluserena is committed to reducing our environmental footprint and conserving resources to mitigate environmental challenges, including waste management and limiting pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

We are working across our operations and have already achieved concrete results. These include reducing our single-use plastic by 50 per cent and fighting food waste with the invaluable help of our guests and employees. We have equipped our resorts with photovoltaic panels and invested in green mobility with electric shuttles, bikes and scooters for our guests.


Our decisions are guided by a commitment to benefiting our guests, colleagues, and communities. We champion inclusivity, diversity, and equal opportunities, and strive to provide safe and healthy working conditions for our employees. Our dedication to social causes is evident in the UNHCR recognition of our commitment to Refugee integration. We have also supported the flood-affected areas of Emilia-Romagna by purchasing valuable materials through the Civil Defence.


Bluserena’s leadership is committed to strong corporate governance in the administration and regulation of the company and driving the group’s commitment to environmental and social initiatives forward. We understand this is only possible by working together to preserve our destinations’ beauty and integrity for future generations and safeguarding our world through a legacy of sustainability and respect. It is a demanding project, and we are working on it for our guests every day.


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